is based in the Netherlands, serving NGOs, international agencies, universities and private companies. Our work focuses on research, learning and communications services dealing with a wide range of topics regarding sustainable agricultural development.

Our team is composed of six core partners who contribute a variety of complementary skills. Our profile represents a balance between high academic credentials, a productive track record and extensive practical experiences in developing countries.

While improving the sustainability of agricultural development is the common thread throughout our work, we have developed expertise in the following thematic areas (arranged in alphabetical order):

  •     Agricultural research management
  •     Agroforestry
  •     Biofuels for small-scale farmers
  •     Carbon financing
  •     Climate change and agriculture
  •     Coping with disaster
  •     Development education
  •     Food security and Food systems
  •     Implications regarding gender and vulnerable groups
  •     Local knowledge
  •     Organic and Fair trade

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